Educational Videos

Educational Aerospace Medicine Videos

Below is a collection of curated videos created by external agencies that augment aspects of the textbook-based curriculum.

Theory of Flight Videos

Understanding Laminar and Turbulent Flow

Understanding Bernoulli's Equation

How Do Wings Actually Generate Lift

Understanding Aerodynamic Drag

Aircraft Engines: How They Work

Airplanes and Aerodynamics Part 1

Airplanes and Aerodynamics Part 2

How Planes Survive High Gs

FAA Introductory Videos

FAA 101


Different Classes of Medical Certificates

A Guide to Basic Med

FAA and NTSB Flight Physiology and Human Factors Videos

Respiration and Circulation

Physics of the Atmosphere

High Altitude Physiology

Flying and Hypoxia

The Ups and Downs of Cabin Pressurization

Understanding Aviation Oxygen Equipment

Altitude Induced Decompression Sickness


Trapped Gas

Pilots and Medications

Medications and Flying

Over the Counter Medications and Flying

Acceleration in Aviation

Motion Sickness in Aviation

Noise and Vibration in Aviation

Heat Exposure in Aviation

Stress in Aviation

Fatigue in Aviation

Why is Fatigue so Dangerous to Pilots

Fatigue Stress in Aeronautical Decision Making

Self Imposed Stress

Vision in Aviation

Spatial Disorientation Part 1

Spatial Disorientation Part 2

Four Landing Accident Stories

Controlled Flight Into Terrain

Don't Go Bump in the Night: Night Flying

Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting

Crash: Lessons Learned in Aircraft Accident Investigations

The History of Crew Resource Management

Risk Management in the Aviation Environment

Aircraft Laser Illumination

The Will to Survive

Survival Kits

Survival Medicine

Hot Land Survival

Ditching and Water Survival

Survival on Open Water

Tropical Survival

Cold Land Survival

Survival Signaling

ICAO Videos

Rockets and Orbital Mechanics

Space Flight: The Application of Orbital Mechanics

Rockets 101

Hypergolic Fuels

Toxic Propellant Hazards

Behavioral Health and Performance

Biomechanics and Musculoskeletal

Exercise Countermeasures



Flight Analogs (Bed Rest Research)

Human Flight Research Integration

Human Research Program (HRP) Overview

Human Risks of Space Flight

Human Research Risk Management

Human Systems Integration Introduction


Microgravity and Cell Biology

Pharmacy and Pharmacology


Microbiology and Toxicology

Space Food and Nutrition

Space Medicine Medical Operations

Spaceflight Acoustics

Radiation and Human Space Exploration